Out of Darkness

A girl in furs hold a manmade spear.

Clocking in at a swift 87 minutes, Andrew Cumming’s feature debut is a slick, beautiful genre piece best suited for the big screen.

The Strangler

When Paul Vecchiali passed away early this year at the age of 92, he left behind a prolific legacy of films.

When Evil Lurks

The title of Demián Rugna’s new horror opus is something of a misnomer: moving at a swift pace over the course of 99 minutes, When Evil Lurks lurches right into motion rather than lurks.


Of all the myriad films titled Thirst, Rod Hardy’s 1979 feature stands out as a multi-genre wonder, a horror/sci-fi hybrid with a dash of action and the fluidity of a soap opera.

The Five Devils

A witchy tale of time travel, young love and sporty women, Léa Mysius’s sophomore feature is an entrancing puzzle film anchored by compelling performances.

Huesera: The Bone Woman

Often considered a sacred rite of passage, pregnancy is an aspirational, much-coveted physical state for women the world over. For many, it’s the most significant time of their life…

Jennifer Reeder

Jennifer Reeder is a proudly Chicago-based, truly independent filmmaker with over 25 years of experience in the business. She has directed more than 15 short films, screened her work in the Whitney Biennial and the Venice Biennale, and has won countless festival awards.

Walking in the Air

Tangerine Dream’s synth score dynamically guides Michael Mann’s only foray into horror-fantasy, The Keep.