Witches of the Fog

Just about everyone loves Halloween—and if someone tells you they don’t, you might wish to keep your distance—but few people are aware of the spring’s variant on All Hallow’s Eve.

James Stewart in Vertigo

James Stewart looks at us menacingly

In the inaugural entry of a new column singling out enduringly creepy film characterizations, an American sweetheart cast against type emerges as one of cinema’s most unexpectedly chilling villains.

Better Than One

A blonde stands to the left of a modest Christmas tree

Were you to remark that the 1940s represented a peak in American pop-cultural horror, most people would automatically think you were talking about movies.

Overlooked Genre Films of 2023

The first edition of a reanimated column rounds up the best in this year’s horror, sci-fi, thrillers, and bloody action.

No Michael Myers Necessary

The way horror film series typically work is that the first entry is notable, for whatever reason—it’s a great movie, it’s popular, it infiltrates the news cycle/culture—and then subsequent entries get worse and worse and worse, until there are no more.

Gold Metal

The directorial debut of veteran character actor Charles Martin Smith, Trick or Treat (1986), tells a story grounded in rites, rituals, and rock.

Devil May Care

David Gordon Green continues his assault on beloved horror franchises with a new Exorcist that only heightens the glory of Friedkin’s original.

The Bad Adoptee

The ultimate evil-kid figure presides over the first two of hopefully many Orphan films.