Night of Fear

An interesting piece of Australian horror history is that one of the first examples of the genre wasn’t meant to be a feature film at all.

The Golden Glove

It’s been regularly cautioned that The Golden Glove isn’t for the faint of heart, and while that might be a fair assessment, such warnings may needlessly scare off potential admirers.


The word alone induces twinges of dread and disgust: “influencer,” along with its evil siblings “vlogger,” “social media personality,” “YouTuber,” and “TikTok sensation,” have made our depreciating society even grimmer.


A stalker situation gone berserk; a cursed trailer home situated in the flat vastness of chilly, rural New Mexico; a provocative, post-coital admission of murder: Jethica would seem equipped for full-blooded horror if its wider ambitions weren’t so clearly apparent.

Discomfort Zone

The Harbinger, the latest of Andy Mitton’s exquisitely heady—and horrifying—otherworldly explorations, is the only quarantine film we need.

The Menu

With his cold, enigmatic handsomeness and piercing blue eyes, Ralph Fiennes was meant for villainy.